F&V Z180 UltraColor Daylight LED Video Light - 95 CRI                                                                                                                                

The Z180 UltraColor 5600K LED Light Panel features 180 daylight-balanced LEDs with a CRI 95. This Z180 UltraColor delivers a bright yet soft, pure-color beam.


When the lights are linked together, the SmartSync Control Circuit allows you to control the intensity of all lights with only one of the lightÕs dimmer knobs


This light is dimmable from 0-100%. This light has several powering options. It can be powered by its built-in battery plate with a Sony NP-F type battery, by its built in battery compartment with six (6) AA-batteries, or by an external power source via its 2.5mm DC Jack.


This light comes with two (2) magnetic filters: one (1) tungsten filter that balances your light to 3200K and one (1) diffusion filter

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