Thai Airconditioner repair guy


Bangkok, Saturday morning the kids got up at 8.00 AM. (very unusual). The reason was that they were forced to leave their bedroom, as their Air conditioner stopped working. It was way too hot in the room to sleep. The weather on Saturday was hot and I knew on weekends all the repair guys are off duty. So I decided to have a look myself at the  broken AC, in hope to speed up the repair. After a about an hour of dismantling the AC I figured out, that the mother board did not gave power to the outside unit. So I Imaged, that the mother board is broken. Not 100% sure about my diagnosis, I decided to call the local repair guy to get his professional opinion. Of course he was busy on Saturday but promised me to be at my home Sunday morning. So one more night for the kids to sleep in the parents’ bedroom.


Sunday morning, the Aircon guy showed up at 9.00AM. After explaining him my diagnosis, we went up to the broken AC Unit. Took him about 15. min with a simple voltmeter to figure out that my diagnosis must be right. He told me that he has to order the spare part online and it would take about 3 days to get it. So 3 more days for the kids without an Air conditioner. No way, so we decided to get the mainboard by our self’s. After about an hour online I found a website that had a picture of the mainboard we need for the repair guy. Of course Sunday the shop was closed. So we spent another day all four of us together in our bedroom.


Monday 08.00 AM I left my house with my bike to locate the shop I found online. After about a 45min. bike ride I found the shop and purchased the Part sucsessfully. 1400THB (45USD) cash, same price as  at the Shopee online Shop where we would have to wait 7 days to get it. After being back at my home, first thing replacing the motherboard I just purchased. Tried to turn on the Airconditioner, but sadly it did not work. Angry about my self spending all the money and and time not be able to fix it. Finally I decided to call the repair guy again to help me out. But of course he did not had time at that day and promised me to be at my home the next day in the evening. What ment to be another one day or two for the Kids without AC. Desperate to get that unit running I went online again and found a Youtube video that showed the use of thermal fuses, hidden in household aplliances, like waterheaters, hairdryers, cooking stove and AC’s. I did checked my broken AC a several times already for broken fuses, I decided to do it again and try to search for hidden thermal fuses in my broken AC unit. Finally after about an hour I found underneth the Mainpower board a hidden space with two little thermal fuses.I tested them and I found a broken one. Replaced the broken fuse and put the main power board back into the AC. reassembled my Airconditioner again, and!!! It worked. Happy me!! I am sure that was the oly reason that the AC did not work. The motherbord was not broken. I could safe my 1400 THB I spent on it and just replaced the fuse. Happely I called the repair guy, and told him that he does not need to come tommorrow to my place, as I did the the repair by my own.


I think the repair guy did not check the motherboard good enough as he would find out it was not broken. As well he should know where to get spare parts as quick  as possible to statisfy his costumers. If I would not find out what was wrong with my Air conditioner I would spend a lot of money to replace all the parts in the unit. A lot of time to get it fixed and a lot of laber charges until it would be working again. Good lesson was learned.

© Geissmann Martin 2020