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SMA antennas for Sennheiser EW 100/112p

19 Apr 2024

Adding a SMA port to a Sennheiser G2/G3 is one of the most lusted after mod’s  of TV Film audio.

The Sennheiser G2/G3 EW100/EW300 features a fixed VERY flexible antenna that goes limp after a few months of use. This antenna also makes them a pain to store in cases between uses.

Adding a SMA antenna does not make them Lectrosonics; it will not transmit magically across a football stadium; the output is still 30mw. The SMA mod offers a lot of benefits to the G3 though. Once modded the Sennheiser units are more stable with less RF drop outs, storage between uses is easier. You can now use a MultiRF with a “Shark Fin” Log Periodic directional antenna, adding a booster to to increase the RX’s signal. It also just looks cooler! We can do it for you. Here quick how it is done.