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What is the soundman's job?

2 Jul 2024

Since I do a lot of sound recordings for Student films on location, I get a lot of questions asked.

One of them is: Do we need a soundman for small production?

My answer is always yes If there are actors and dialogue involved. A soundman is an essential part of the filming Crew.

If he (she) does their job well and you know the sound man's duty, he can save you a lot of hassle and money.

Here is a quick list, of what soundmen can and should do for your production. 

Regardless of who gets hired, there are several attributes you should require from the soundman.

- A thorough understanding of the script and my visual interpretation of the story.

– The capacity to enhance the directors vision with their own experiences.

– Knowledge of the latest audio equipment and innovative techniques.

– Populating the audio crew with creative, responsible, and accountable

– Be fiscally smart and ethical.

– Bring your “A” game every single day.