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Audio Developments

AD261 4 chan Stereo ENG mixer


Inputs 4 Mic/lines with XLR connectors.

Transformer balanced mic inputs.

Transformer balanced line inputs.

High Pass Filters @ 90 & 150 Hz.

12v TA & 48v Phantom, mix powering.

Phase change on channels 2 and 4.

Rotary level control.

6 Position input level selector (5 Mic, 1 Line)

Stereo link facility on both pairs.

Outputs 2 Transformer balanced on 3 pin male XLR connector.

2 Transformer balanced, available on 10 pin Hirose connector.

(In parallel with XLR outputs).

2 Unbalanced outputs on 6 pin Hirose.

Rotary output controls with anti-knock high friction action and with link switch for stereo master.

Switchable between Mic and Line output levels.

Routing Pan controls with low profile knobs and 3 detents: center, full right and full left.

M.S. Facility S switch on Channels 2 and 4 to create A-B recording from M-S microphone.

Level control - dual ganged pot. 2 outputs 1/4" Type A jack and 3.5mm mini jack.

Auxiliary Inputs Stereo return on Type A jack (unbalanced).

Stereo return 10 pin Hirose connector (balanced).

Return level control and monitoring facility.

Line up Oscillators 1 K Tone into both outputs. 1 K/10K Alternating tone into right output 1 K tone into left output.

Talkback Slate into left and right outputs.

Limiters in both outputs with in/out switch.

Stereo link switch. LED indication of limiter operation. Internal control to vary attack and release time. Threshold internally variable. Metering Send and return signals.

Switch with momentary and constant illumination.

Choice of meter scales, VU, PPM, N10 etc.

Battery Test Biased action toggle switch shows battery status on meter.

Powering External DC input 10-15v on 4 pin XLR.

DC output on 4 pin Hirose.

Internal 9 X 1.5v 'C' cells or 9 X 1.2v Nicads. Separate charge input on pin 2 of XLR. in situ charging of Nicad batteries.

Switched auxiliary DC output on pin 3 of Hirose.