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I Martin Geissmann started working when I was 16 Years old for my uncle’s production equipment rental company in Switzerland. I worked 3 years to learn the job as a Gaffer, and Dolly Grip, Special Effects and Lighting Designer. I worked for several, long productions for the Swiss Army Film Service, before I became full time employed by the Swiss Army Film Service.

After 3 years working as a Gaffer, Soundman for the government, I decided to became a freelance Gaffer/ Soundman.After several year working as an Gaffer and Sound engineer I had the opportunity to work as a light designer on an Thai TV Series, shot in Switzerland.

After several weeks working with Thais, I fell in love with them.Recognizing that Switzerland is to small for this kind of business, I decided to move to Thailand and I never left it so far. Got married and have two kids they are nearly adults.

Here my sound CV or resume.