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Sonosax SX-R4+ 16 Channel recorder


Inputs / Outputs4x XLR-3F inputs, individually configurable as:

– ANALOG: mic/line levels, electronically balanced, with phase reversal, 48V phantom, LF cut and level control on the front panel

– DIGITAL: transformer balanced AES3 or AES42 with ASRC, phase reversal, LF cut and level control on the front panel

2x Line inputs, electronically balanced on TA-3 with level control on the front panel

4x AES3 balanced inputs on multi-pin connector

1x AES3 balanced input with ASRC on TA-3 connector (shared with AES3 output)

2x analog unbalanced line outputs on TA-3

1x AES3 balanced output (user independent sampling frequency) on TA-3 connector (shared with AES3 input)


135 dB (A-weighted) overall dynamic range from analog input to recorded file (114 dB (A-weighted) dynamic range with USA version)

90kHz overall frequency response @192 kHz recording.

40 bits processing

Recording capabilitiesup to 16 tracks recording on 2x SD cards (SDHC, SDXC)

uncompressed BWF with iXML metadata 44,1 up to 192 kHz @ 24bits, Pull up/down 0.1% for NTSC world

User Interface

Touch screen 2.4” TFT color display WiFi dynamic web-app interface


Removable 14.4V 48Wh Lithium battery, SMBUS capable External DC 9..18V on 4-pin Hirose, SMBUS capable, electrically isolated 12V regulated decoupled DC output to power peripherals equipment up to 7W Intelligent energy management with detailed on-screen information